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report on the gulf oil leak. we have the developing details. >> plus, what hundreds of students decided while you were sleeping. the results on a late-night council vote on whether to keep three schools open. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm garvin thomas in for brent cannon. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. 4:30 this morning. nbc bay area meteorologist, rob mayeda's got the first look at our forecast. good morning, rob. >> good morning. we're seeing kind of the start of november this morning. some light rain, drizzle, 61
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around san francisco, and take a look at the satellite. this is hard to believe we're in september. we have a pretty strong system for this time of year. actually dropping some rain and maybe high elevation snow up toward the sierra today. factor that into your plans if you're heading out to the high country. we have a drizzly commute this morning. now, notice these temperatures as we go through the days. talking highs mainly in the 60s inland. maybe near 70 for fairfield. 50, san francisco. quite cool for this time of year. through the week, temperatures climbing a little bit. but today, 67 for a high around san jose. back to you. >> rob, thank you very much. >> want to check in with mike, good morning. >> good morning. >> welcome back, laura. >> thank you. >> i have a cig alert to tell you. we have westbound 580 at airway boulevard, a big rig apparently went up on to right-hand shoulder, crossed all over lanes. minor injuries reported there. the reasons i know so many details about this, lou who witnessed this called in, he had
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stopped to the side of the road until police arrived. one lane blocked because of a small fuel spill and this will cause an issue. this is your commute direction through livermore. we'll follow this. if it lasts more than half an hour and it's expected to clear by 5:00. if it lasts past that, we'll see good slowing through livermore. >> we know you'll keep tabs on it. >> mike, thank you very much. developing news now on the worst man-made environmental disaster in our nation's history. >> 142 days after the explosion, bp is releasing new information. scott mcgrew is working this story. >> well, good morning, laura. bp has finished its own investigation into what happened on that fateful day and concluded it was at fault, but not entirely at fault. the company says multiple parties contributed to the disaster and it's said this all along. bp, after all, didn't own the rig. a company called transocean did. of the 126 employees on the platform at the time, just seven were bp employees. the 193-page report says the
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accident arose from a long interlinked string of mechanical and human failures. the report is very long and is just out, so we're still looking through it. now, it's one of many that we'll see. several government agencies, including the justice department's going to have their own report. we'll continue to look over the report and bring you more throughout the morning. laura? >> thank you very much. we know you'll keep an eye on that for us. well, high school hazing or a crime? a weekly ritual of the egging freshman students at albany high school ended with a 13-year-old in the hospital. as nbc bay area's vicky nguyen reports, the principal is asking for some help. >> a lot of my friends are like, had eggs thrown at them. >> reporter: freshman paul rainhaute says so far he's escaped freshman fridays when seniors drive by younger students and pelt them with raw eggs. >> just see kids out in cars going down the road with sweatshirts over their faces so they don't get noticed, and they just throw eggs out the car, but
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they have really bad aim, so no one usually gets hit. >> reporter: but a 13-year-old albany middle school student wasn't so lucky. friday night on his way home from a football game, they say a group of students didn't just throw eggs, they threw punches. the teen suffered a skull fracture and his attacker was later arrested for felony assault. >> he did a foolish mistake, actually. why would you hit a little kid. >> reporter: he graduated last year, he knows both boys and that a retaliation could be coming. >> with anything, things could get ugly. >> i don't think it was cool. that's not really what it's about. it's just like throwing eggs, not physically assaulting them. >> reporter: albany patch editor emily ra debraguso was on a ridg with friday that night. >> we all know this is a tradition with the eggs and this has gone too far. >> reporter: she says the 17-year-old was taken into custody after he returned to the victim's home to apologize.
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>> he seemed very apologetic and sincere. >> reporter: that wasn't enough. the principal says that boy will be expelled and any other students caught hazing or bullying will be given zero tolerance. >> our stance is very, very clear. we do not accept student hazing or bullying in any way, shape, or form. both in school, before school, or after school. >> school leaders say they're doing what they can, but they admit, many of the incidents happen after school hours and off campus. as for safeway, the chain says it's sympathetic to the situation, but cannot stop the sales of eggs to teens, because it would be discrimination. stores plan to enforce a three-carton limit. meanwhile, other students involved in friday's limit have been suspended. new this morning, the vote is in. richmond city council members unanimously voted to keep three schools open. the council made the decision late last night. now, back in february, the school board decided to close kennedy high and two other
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elementary schools. the school board said they needed $1.5 million to keep the schools open this year. last night, what the council decided is they will get that money, at least for this year. city leaders blame the money problems on the economy and lack of money from the state. >> we lost $39 million last year. $39 million out of a $280 million budget. we had no choice but to make these decisions. >> making matters worse for the school district is, they had to pay back a multi-million dollar loan. a bomb threat was found scrawled on a bathroom mirror. a pilot declared an emergency and immediately took the flight in. investigators searched the plane, found no evidence to suggest the threat was real. all passengers were removed, interviewed, and then released. thai airways president said the message was written in english with bad grammar. sunnyvale fire investigators
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hope you might recognize a firebug who's getting more dangerous. they released this sketch of a man who they say has set 15 fires since may. they believe he's around 20 years old. many of the fires burned near south fair oaks avenue, old san francisco road, and grand fir and garland avenues. the arsonist has torched mostly dumpsters until last week, that's when he set a car on fire with someone sleeping inside of it. the person wasn't hurt. if you have any information, please call the sunnyvale police department. we have new cell phone video of a house fire that left an already struggling trio of siblings homeless over the weekend. we've got video from an iphone of the fire that gutted their sunny vvale home. it was huge. two of the family's three dogs were killed. she's been juggling a full-time job and attending college. the fire, she says, is just another obstacle they'll tackle together.
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>> it's brought us a lot closer. we just -- every time we have something that happens in our life, with it just makes us stronger with it. this is just one more thing that we can look back at and know about our family, we're going to be okay. >> the american red cross has put the family up in a motel. neighbors are also pitching in. and you can help too by going to the wells fargo branch on east el camino road in sunnyvale. tell the teller you'd like to give to the sue ulrich fire fund. no plea from the man accused of shooting a police officer. andrew barrientos was formally charged. he faces ten felonies, including carjacking and attempted murder. in an earlier statement, he allegedly admits to shooting at officer young, but says he didn't know he was a cop. authorities say that detail is crucial to his sentencing. his attorney tells us she needs more time to review the evidence before entering a plea. 4:38 right now.
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another accident to tell you about this time in the east bay. >> that's right. i'll focus first on the cig alert we had. just a reminder for folks who missed that initial report, 580 westbound direction at airway boulevard, we do have that truck into the center divide, scheduled to be cleared by 5:00 a.m., but right now one lane is blocked. we expect that to be slowing. eastbound shows some slowing there now as well. and eastbound 580, the other accident in the east bay, golf links road, in its clearing stages, but still eastbound 580 at golf links or 98 as you're coming past the oakland zoo, we have another accident on that portion of your oakland commute. the nimitz freeway, a clear drive so far. >> thanks, mike. >> let's send it over to rob now with a bit of a chilly forecast. >> a chilly forecast. and it could slow down your morning commute in a few spots in terms of the drizzle, making for some damp roads this morning. we have 62 in san jose, southeast wind at 8 miles per hour. san francisco, clearly the drizzle there falling across the golden gate bridge.
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61, we've got that west wind at 10. over in oakland, misty skies. low 60s this morning, good, strong sea breeze, west winds up to 21 miles per hour. that's going to keep our air quality just fine today, but what will be surprising for this time of year is this strong system that is dropping, relatively speaking, into northern california. snow levels today in the sierra near 8,000 feet. so factor that into your plans if you're heading up to the high country. for the bay area this morning, we're going to have those windshield wipers going due to the drizzle and even light rain out on the coast. notice our temperatures jumping into the afternoon, only 60s inland. that's 30 degrees cooler than what we saw just on monday. as we go through the rest of the week, we'll see high pressure building back, which will lead to some warming as we approach this upcoming weekend. back to you. >> thanks, rob. time is now 4:40. addict attacker. the frightening and bizarre way one california man tracked his ex. how much is your phone costing you? hidden fees and how to stop them. it's an exclusive nbc investigation. and just what's so special that dozens of people would sleep out in the cold in the
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east bayndmornin
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breaking news this morning. for some people you know living in parts of san francisco, if you know anyone in the western addition neighborhood, you may want to make sure they're awake and on their way to work this morning. as many as 5,000 of them are without power. we checked with pg&e and their website and found that the outage started around 12:30 this morning. we'll keep you posted.
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this morning, people evacuated from colorado's foothills are hoping their homes are spared from a massive wildfire. the governor declared a state of emergency there. the huge wildfire is burning building after building and showing no signs of slowing down near boulder. flames have destroyed at least 92 buildings, but right now it's unclear how many of those buildings are actually homes. more than 3,000 people were forced to evacuate. flames have charred more than 7,000 acres. fire investigators say it started when a car hit a propane tank on monday. really creepy way to get back at your ex. a 36-year-old man is in jail after he was caught hiding in the attic of his former wife's house. he was arrested in the coastal town of ocean, several miles south of san luis obispo. manuel hernandez was hiding in his ex's attic, sending text messages to her cell phone. in those texts, he allegedly described the interior of her house. when deputies arrived, they
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found hernandez hiding in a cardboard box. he was booked on burglary charges and for violating a restraining order. game on. and the games haven't even begun. joining an intermural sports team at uc berkeley is so popular that cal students are camping out this morning. there are dozens of students in line outside cal's recreational sports complex on bancroft avenue, they're going to spend the night -- they have been spending the night outside so they have first shot at their choice of intermural sports, which includes basketball, indoor soccer, flag football, and tennis. >> we're here for the intermural soccer leagues. we're going to sign up a couple teams tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m. it's quite competitive to get on these teams on the league, so we're in here early. >> joining teams has become so competitive in recent years, lines like this are becoming common. signup begins at 7:00 this morning. well, blame mom. weight issues might start in the
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womb and long before you even start eating. new research shows women who gain more than 53 pounds during pregnancy were more than likely to have kids who were born heavy and grew up to be overweight. part of the new findings also indicate moms are starting to conceive at heavier weights themselves. the study is published in the august issue . the president will not extend the bush tax cuts for couples making more than $250,000 a year. we got that information after the closing bell on tuesday. courtney reagan is live at cnbc headquarters with a look at how investors are responding. good morning, courtney. >> hi, good morning to you. well, so far this morning, things are actually looking up now, but earlier we saw futures drop, but we got some good news out of europe following these bank stress tests. we did have a sell-off yesterday that was spurred by concerns about those european banks and whether those stress tests this summer that were done were
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actually stressful enough. now, reports say the banks have more debt on their books than first thought, so we got some news out of portugal that actually said things were looking better. that helped prop up our futures. asian markets did drop overnight. japan following as the yen rises against the dollar. europe is in the red today. a good pair of economic reports on consumer credit and the fed's beige book, which tracks business conditions in the fed's 12 districts. the dow lost 107 points tuesday to 10,340. the nasdaq was down 24 points to start trading today at 2208. well, oracle is calling the lawsuit hewlett-packard has filed over its hiring of former ceo mark hurd vindictive. they claim the move put its trade secrets in peril and it's making it virtually impossible for the companies to do work together. hurd resigned from hp last month. his severance agreement doesn't include a noncompete clause, but
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it does have a two-year nonconfidentiality pact. >> thank you very much, courtney. an nbc investigation reveals how mysterious charges could be showing up on your monthly cell phone bill, charges for things you might not realize you're paying for. investigative reporter joe grover has discovered a problem. >> reporter: when you buy a phone from verizon these days, there's a good chance you might be getting some features you don't really want. when dr. kim vote bought her verizon phone two years ago, she noticed it had two games on it. pac-man and are you smarter than a fifth grader. she assumed the phones were free, until last month, when she looked at two years of verizon bills and noticed a $6.98 a month charge. >> i wasn't sure what that was. >> in fact. verizon had been charging her for those game for almost two years. the charges were leisted on her bill as data, not as games. >> it doesn't really say what
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the charges are for. >> no, it doesn't. it must have come with my phone, because i never downloaded it and there it is. >> you didn't authorize those charges, you shouldn't be paying for them. fl that's sally greenberg, head of the national consumer's league, who spoke with me by satellite. greenberg also sits on verizon's consumer advisory board and she thinks the company needs to give consumers a lot more details on their bills. >> one of the things that's so frustrating for consumers is that when you get some of these charges, they're not explained. >> reporter: so how did those games get on kim vote's phone and why was she getting charged for them? verizon couldn't explain it to kim or to nbc 4. but the company did nadmit to u that many phones come with games already on them on a free trial basis, but customers aren't necessarily told about it. she's not the only consumer who's had a run-in with verizon over data charges. just a year ago, a columnist for
4:50 am
ohio's biggest newspaper wrote about monthly data charges showing up on her verizon bills. she says verizon could never clearly explain the charges. over 1,000 readers e-mailed back saying they, too, were getting hit with similar unexplained charges. >> take a look at your bill, as soon as it comes in. if you see charges that you didn't authorize there, call up your cell phone company. >> reporter: and getting verizon to remove those mysterious data charges from your bill can be tough. >> initially, the clear answer was, there was nothing they could do. >> reporter: but kim vote says she wouldn't take no for an answer and verizon finally credited for nearly two years of those charges. >> we were on the phone in total almost two hours. >> reporter: and now this tireless consumer has some advice for all wireless users. >> look at your bill. know each month where your money is going. and if you have a question, call. >> verizon would not speak with nbc on camera, but tells us only someone in physical possession of a phone can download an
4:51 am
application to that phone. the company says the best safeguard against unauthorized use is to activate the password protection feature on any device. if any customer spots unauthorized charges on their bill, they should call verizon and the company says they will remove the charges. >> another thing people have to be careful about is many times these phones are designed where with a single click of a button wuk access something that triggers a data charge. and it's not like, did you really mean to do this, and then suddenly one click of a button, you didn't mean to click. things can happen quickly, as well as temperatures dropping quickly. had to grab a jacket this morning. >> and you'll probably have to wear it all long. temperatures today in san jose likely not getting out of the 60s this afternoon. i know we're at 62 this morning. a pretty strong, breezy system moving over northern california in the bay area this morning. you see the winds in oakland, west at 21 where the drizzle is flying in parts of the east bay, and we're certainly seeing a lot of that right now around the golden gate bridge and even downtown san francisco.
4:52 am
61 degrees with mist and even some pockets of some light rain along the coastal hills this morning. the bottom line, it's going to feel more like november this afternoon than september. we're looking at highs, mostly 50s and 60s, maybe some low 70s well inland, but that's going to do it for today. later this week, though, we're going to see a test of september coming back as temperatures warm up. air quality, not an issue today. what will be an issue, though, will be the drizzle and even some light rain earlier around the north bay up there towards lake county and near ukiah. you can see that system heading out over the sierra, where it's cold enough to drop snow near 8,000 feet around midday. so this is a cold, unusually deep trough. or a drip in the jet stream that's moving through the bay area this morning and affect cooler air aloft, and obviously the ocean air-conditioning going all day long. today's highs, 50s and 60s for most of the bay area. out toward solano county, maybe a couple 70s today. but thursday and friday, we should see temperatures rebound as the sea breeze backs off just enough to allow our inland valleys to make a run into the low 80s as we approach the weekend. but today, look at the numbers.
4:53 am
i know we started the week in the 90s for most of the bay area, but today, upper 60s, san jose. near 60 in san francisco, where the misty skies may make for some damp roads this morning or some windshield wiper action, i think, all around the bay area this morning. mid-60s for oakland for the north bay. 60s to low 70s, as warm as we're going to get today. for the seven-day forecast, as we jump to the weekend, we should see temperatures climb, but no sign of any 90s anywhere in that forecast. back to you. >> fall is creeping in. >> rob mentioned a little rain on the roads, not rain, but fuel on the road in livermore. >> fuel and some misty conditions as well. good morning, garvin and laura. you'll need to use those windshield wipers, but the big issue here is this cig alert. you'll need to use those brakes a bit going westbound on 580. over the last 15 minutes, we've seen speeds start to dip as you're approaching airway boulevard because of that big rig accident still in the center divide. earlier reports are -- well, lou told me he saw the rig right up on the right-hand shoulder.
4:54 am
there's a small fuel spill, but caltrans could not contain that fuel spill, even though it's a few gallons, so they may have to take alternate measures. there's the slowing in both directions as you're approaching airway boulevard on 580. allow a little extra time if you're coming through that portion. now 580 coming through oakland, another accident. this happened around 1:30 in the morning, but it's eastbound 580 at golf links road. just now finishing the clearing. and now we have a sign and a pole at the bottom of the off-ramp there at 98 that is damaged as well. watch for that impact on your morning commute. also, local to western edition in the city, we told you about that power outage. we're watching for that, but right now that's just a surface street issue. the cities binto the freeway moving all right. >> mike, thank you very much. for more than 500 students in windsor ontario, the new school year offers the chance to be a part of something unique.
4:55 am
susan pedler reports on the state of the art school aiming to instill some eco-friendly habits. >> reporter: a forest is nothing unusual in southern ontario -- but in a library? it's one of the final touches at canada's greenest school. dr. david suzuki public school is the first in the country to get a platinum rating from the u.s.-based green building certification program known as l.e.a.d. julianna is the chief engineer on the project. she loves the gym with its massive windows, sun pipes, and reflective surfaces. >> we actually have a sensor that monitors light levels and will actually dim the electric lights. >> reporter: the school's solar panels and windmills generate electricity and the rooftop gardens help with temperature control. the school's carbon footprint was a priority from day one. 100% of the old building was reused or recycled. even the dirt from the foundation will be turned into a
4:56 am
naturalized play area. no plastic playground equipment here. no dark, dank boiler room either. dr. david suzuki school is heated and cooled with the latest geothermal technology. the kids can see the mechanics at work. they're already on board. they've been attending open houses to learn how the school works. >> this is a tube that catches all the rainwater, and it will be used to -- it will be pumped to the toilets. >> cool! >> reporter: they can even help generate power on the school's stationary bikes. >> it feels like a lot on my shoulders. >> you can do it? >> yep. >> reporter: the dr. dave suzuki school cost $17 million, no more than any other new school. and it has the blessing of canada's most well-known environmental activist. susan pedler, cbc news, windsor, ontario. sometimes little ones just can't keep up with the adults. that's what happened to one little precocious elephant.
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st ahead, his rescue from the marshlands.
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while you were sleeping, the fate of students going to three east bay schools is decided. can the city afford to keep the schools open? and the issue of state furloughs goes before the state supreme court today. find out how long it could be before justices make their decision known. and a live look at the golden gate bridge shows you those slippery conditions. the potential for that around the bay as well as a cig alert through the east bay. i'll show you a way to get arou

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